Extreme Challenge

4-6 couples from your inner circle comprise a team.  Each couple selects 2 sports.

Now there are 8 to 12 total sport challenges which have been selected.

1 – 2 sport challenges are played per month for 4-12 months. 

$25 booking fee per couple per month

Couples Challenge works with all couples to calendarize all challenges based on the teams schedules. Outlook calendar place holder itineraries are sent to all couples to include; challenge sport, date, time, location(include mapquest link for directions), weather forecast for that day, recommended meals, physical activity level, average calories burned.

Reminder emails are sent to all couples 1-week and 1-day prior to each challenge taken place.

A monthly Scorecard Statement is emailed or texted to all couples showing their accumulated points.

Trophies, medals, ribbons, gift certificates or other items of the teams choosing are awarded to 1st , 2nd , 3rd place couples with most points. 1st place winner gets names posted on our Couples Challenge “Wall of Fame” web page.

Locations typically within 5-15 miles of couples.